It’s my time.

Everyone will surely have his own time.

Never surrender or give up your hope in any cases.

You can be seen by others who really want a talent person in their team.

Stop worrying about english competence. Join them and take this as a very valuable chance for improve language capability.

Change habits and bio-clock time because you’re now a real engineer.

Feel confident and accept heavy responsibilities may put on your shoulder.

Try your best at their firm. You meet a lot guys who are very good or very evil. Make friends and learn from them under a humble gesture.

Show your actual skills. Via challenges, they will be sharpened more.

Focus on the short-run with concrete problems, cope with them carefully. Never lose your prudence even if you’re flattered by whom hating you.

Because who praise wonderfully yesterday is the same guy mocks brutally you today. Be careful with such people who present as a very best friend at the first time. Only through long days, their faces could be appeared.

It’s time to employ all your knowledge accumulated for years in a commercial practice. Let them known you’re not a so-so dude.

Always happy and inspired. Willing to give your hand if anyone needs.

Take this chance as a step to your dream. Maybe it’s tough or dangerous. But, after many years learning the lofty ideas, now it is enough. You have to leave home and throw yourself in danger spot for great ideals. Reading thousand of books can’t compared with doing useful things for people (but, you have to study carefully in books the way to help people most effectively. Without reading books, you’re stuck in theory helping others.).

Your journey can tell everyone a lot about how to build one’s career in a sustainable method.

Use your wise critical thinking ability, render your thoughts under english words to argue with haughty persons who just own a little language but raise voice loudly. They are the person who should receive tough lessons about how to respect others with all their hearts

Prepare a very concrete foundation. Healthy in mind. Concentrate on long-run targets. Understand others. And bravely clean the bad things on your way.

It’s your time. Take your backpack and set off.

Good heroes can see good heroes. Never let them disappointed.

Do it with your most powerful ability. Arrange everything in order.

I can count on you.

Sleep until noon, hear a golden opportunity, wash face carefully and recognize that day is here.

Monday, the last day of February 2011.
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