Analyse enemy – Estimate ego.

Six steps should be kept in mind when concentrate for any important battle:

Step 1: Inquiry (perspective from system)

1/ Know history, vision and scope.

2/ Identify its actual competence: money, material, mankind.

3/ Find its relationship with other enemies.

Step 2: Discover (perspective from parts of system)

1/ Review its main weapons: range of business, core interest, supplying sources.

2/ Understand its crucial principles: motivation, company culture, general ideals.

3/ Apprehend its targets in short-run, long-run: objectives, goals, aims.

Step 3: Consider (perspective from individuals of parts of system)

1/ Recognize who stands behind the curtain: name, personality, life style.

2/ Assess who are mandated to perfome on the stage: proficiency, skill, strenght.

3/ Guess the conflict in one part or between parts: which groups are stronger?

Step 4: Evaluate the suitable approach (looking at yourself)

1/ Contemplate your purpose: conquer, serve or do for fun.

2/ Check your foundation: supreme skill, health, network.

3/ Imagine your plan: attack on which sides (right-left, above-beneath, outside-inside).

Step 5: Psych up to set off (hold head high)

1/ Prepare enough luggage: information (about rival), knowledge (about skill), wise plan (which moves should be moved first, second, last)

2/ Consolidate your stand: confident (about your own capability), prudent (about showing your attitude), consistent (follow your ideal).

3/ Devoid of some traps: underestimate others, frighten others, disregard minor mistakes (careless in action, gesture, performance)

Step 6: Very important Must wait golden time to move silently!

From bottom of my heart, I wish you make friends with good guys on rough path than bad boys on smooth road.

After finding about him, I know I can join this team.

Written by Monday 28th February 2011.
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