Family: a crucial foundation for higher aims.

Issue: should woman stay at home for taking care of children or stay at office for doing her assignment?

Some people believe women should be equal like men in work, love and any activities. They found this is a very modern thought that women can do everything like men and the role of woman in family acted as a housewife must be changed. It will be fine if women still have enough time for her family. And there’s a big problem if women haven’t get enough time for her family members. Everything has its own position in the world today. So take a justice outlook on this issue is more important than arguing who should stay at home and who will gain food.

For thousands of years, husband had always been a person who worked for his family and wife had been responsible for keeping home warm and happy. But a lot of men who relied on his great duty “find food for home” treated their wives badly whenever they had arguments. Because enduring the impartial condition for centuries, women today need a more balanced role in society to escape from inferior level. It’s clear that women and men today are fair in working, studying and even in family. However, is this fact to be the happy news or just create a new serious problem for mankind? Let’s see some observations that show the other side when women have replaced men’s tradition roles.

Just begin from the basic question: “Who should stay at home for cooking and teaching children?”. And the answer is “the Nature has created woman with a nice voice for telling or teaching lessons for children, a skillful hand for cooking delicious dishes for her husband and a patient mind for listening troubles from her family members. Whereas man was equipped with a strong will to overcome difficulties, a logical thinking to solve complicated matters and a rough hand for doing heavy things”. As described above, women inherently suited better for the indoor activities than men. Likewise, men were for outdoor business. What will happen if we move the labor from house to office? Or in simple terms, what will happen if woman takes care of her work carefully instead of her family? The results are children lack their mother’s care as well as husband stressful because no one listens to him. The family will not be happy as it used to be. Year in and year out, the children will be growing without mother’s profound advice. He or she easily will go in wrong ways because they weren’t being taught the right and wrong in their childhood.

So, if I end this issue at this point, maybe it appears that I belong to the group want women stay at home and can’t resolve anything. However, why don’t both men and women view the wife working in her house as any female officer working in office? It is actually an equal consideration on the importance of woman’s role. Instead of spending time for outside activities, she can view her housework as any worthy occupation offered by company. And husbands have to appreciate their wives in keeping house working properly. We all want to change for better life. But before deciding to do anything may harm to family structure, please change your view first. Men should understand and support their wives in housework, likewise, women should put her family higher her own career.

What is left after we die? It’s our children. Thus, please devote for life sensible generations not sensitive ones. It’s not just a mission (do for someone else). It’s an obligation (do for yourself).

Written by the First Day of Lunar Year 2011.

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