Life in my eyes.

Some countries view life as a line, extending from point A to point B. Others view life as a cycle. How about your view?

Our lives on the Earth are closely similar to sparkling stars in dark sky. It’s so small and blur. Likewise, the lifetime of human being contrasting to the age of the universe is merely resembled to illustrated picture about a grain in the huge desert or a drop in the vast ocean. In some cultures and religions, people view the life as a simple line segment no more no less that we were born and died without leaving any inheritable traces for just ourselves. In my opinion, the life is so mysterious, enigmatic and obscure. Life in itself is a sophisticated and conflicting system. It’s always moving towards. It’s both the cause and the effect or the beginning and the ending, all in one. Therefore, the life of mankind in general or an individual in particular is precisely having the shape of revolving cycle.

What we do today is what we’ll gain next day. And vice versa, the result which we will have been received in the day after tomorrow, originated from what we’ll put in tomorrow. It’s still true when we deduce that the present life is resulted by the previous life. This fact can convey in detail that concrete conditions we have in our hands such as born in a rich family, healthy in mental and physical body, sensible behavior, skillful movements or specific talents… all of them are the legacy which accumulated by our successive attempts in the past lives. It means you at now are on the height which you in the past had reached. Your duty is just to continue the journey had been planned by you in previous life (if you self-aware this is an obligation). Using the same logical consideration, the next life will be generated from what we’re seeding in present. I believe the life’s shape shares a striking resemblance to the mountain pass. It looks like an upward cycle always trending ahead.

Perhaps you’ll see this conception by skeptical eyes because it’s contrary to your belief. However, the fact is everyone who ever lived on this earth always learned and worked for himself and his family. You’re not an exception. We all are in a journey to overcome obstacles to attain the most valuable things we keep in mind. If we’re out of energy because of the old age coming, we need to relax and the system will bring our soul to another figure for continuing our journey. It seems very fabulous but I trust it’s real and able to elucidate via the history of mankind and religious beliefs (oldest sciences). Thus, the life in general is a long travel to reach the eternal truth. We can differ from each other or walk on various routes, but eventually, we will meet in one point. It’s called the enlightenment of the actual happiness in soul.

All knowledge, skills, competence being gained during the student’s time as well as personality, awareness, experience being formed thorough the adulthood will inevitably a legacy or in simple terms the luggage for our next life. Once again, this is not a baseless faith. It’s true. Since the universe operates by the principle of causation and our body, consider to the end, just a part in the vast system. We have mutual connection between our friends, colleagues and neighbors. For this reason, have you ever asked yourself why you were born in this poor country not another wealthy one? The answer is in about what you had built in past lives.

As I mentioned before, until we know clearly what the lofty goals are, we will realize time very precious and we have a big motivation to create a clear plan to use it cleverly. This is a purely convincing dynamic for encouraging ourselves to invest intensively in studying as much as possible in order to equip a firm, profound, stable and strong background. After recognizing this important point behind the operation of life cycle, we won’t hesitate to allot whole lifetime for what we believe. We won’t be disappointed very much if we fail to acquire several objectives in this life. Because what we have been preparing today will have been powerful tools for next day in particular and next life in general.

In the other hand, the concrete periods of each of us are exactly analogous. We all went through the childhood, the youth, the adulthood and the old age. No one can avoid of this pattern. The point of view takes the life as a simple line segment initiating from a baby, a lad, a child, a pupil, a student, an adult, an employee, an employer (if possible), an elder, an old man and finishing in funeral urn like the Sims game is a superficial conception. I do not belong to the idealism or materialism to give opinion on this issue. I put myself in the feeling of climbers when they were becoming from vital to tired state. After having a short sleep, they will continue to the destination which they desire to arrive.

Taking this life as a part in your great consecutive route from far away in the past to the future, you can’t waste your time for incidentals. If you need to take a rest, feel free. If you need more time to review or contemplate how the next step should be moved, go ahead. Nonetheless, do not let yourself drift to the river or meaningless goals, please awake if you’re still in dream! Because after the old age comes and being obliged to sleep for a long time, when you wake up in the form of a new baby, the reality or inconvenient conditions you didn’t resolve in the past will appear at that time. It’s too late to change or do anything else, you have to face and suffer from the unpleasant effects resulting (by you) from the past. Clarifying this fact will give you more strength for living healthily.

Written by the last day of January 2011.

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