How is the friendship viewed?

Having a good friend is a nice gift that everyone always expects. Despite no one is complete resemblance to characteristics but we could share a large number of remarkable interests mutually. For me, I like to make friends with persons who have high ambition and strong will to turn their goals into reality. It is found very beneficial and useful when getting conversations with such those men. You both gain intrinsic value of life and distinguish which kind of jobs is worth devoting.

A good friend doesn’t necessarily own same opinions as me. He’s simply an enduring listener for what I believe and he’s willing to argue in a friendly way to help recognize inherent weakness in my world outlook. If he bears resemble viewpoints to me, how can he debate in a contrary side to protect the issue that I’m criticizing of? Thus, my stand will be stronger and more consistent when discussing with people who are capable of independent thought. Quite frankly, my inherent personality is still merely narrowed or not generous as I have claimed before. I will aggressively protect for something which I trust them right despite the fact others believe or not.

Thanks to dignity friends’ assistance, my vision is now wider and more acute than it used to be. Because they have spent time just for listening to me without interrupting a second while I was conveying complicated respects of an annoying matter. After that, they gave reasoning comments for the side I reproached and asked several open questions. It provides more chances for us to contemplate what has exactly happened in my story. A friend we can rely on is the person who is enthusiastic in diagnosing what are our core problems, why are we getting this mess and how to get rid of them effectively.

Today, it seems very hard to find people who can act for somebody’s sake. The population is increasingly growing with a rapid speed. Hence, the valuable opportunities in workplace, dwelling house, transportation, internship, scholarship and even in love are smaller day by day. A true friend in studying as well as in lifetime is a torch you depend in the dark, a stick you lean when hiking, an oar while you’re in a boat, a calculator you refer in exams and a shoulder for crying on whenever you’re fatigued. I hope you will meet someone having lofty soul in ordinary clothes. Keep in touch with him if you catch on traveling. He’s not just an ideal companion but he also steps back to support your achievements.

There are very few precious characters in the world nowadays. Do not disappoint their keenness because of selfish behaviors or any ridiculous incidents. It’s not happy when you are received refusal of collaboration from who used to be your good friends.

Written by January 28th, 2011.

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