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Issue: Somebody prefer studying at language centers to learning at home. Which sides do you select? Give details to illustrate your opinion.

Like any academic disciplines we’ve studied in school, English needs practice frequently to consolidate knowledge gained from books. There are several solutions to put English into reality, it depends on one’s temperament. For example, someone has an outgoing will often choose talking with foreigners as an effective way to enhance the speaking proficiency. For me, staying at home and trying to render my thoughts to English  is also a valuable method to improve linguistics competence. I choose this way because it’s suited to my personality and easy to undertake whenever I have got inspiration.

Studying is a process of collecting and analyzing data in order to transform them from useless to useful status. It means, you have many tasks to do in action related to your brain. Learning from best teachers is just one of effective ways to get knowledge. You can gain the same results by doing at home if you’ve got enough determination to overcome laziness and indiscipline. Take studying English as a typical case to contend, how many percentages do you really get from teacher-giving knowledge when you’re in class and how many times do you apply it by your own voice? Not much, right?

Contrary to popular belief, learning by oneself offers a great deal of knowledge indeed. Because when we spend time to explain questions occur suddenly in our mind by individual approach, we’re in a same way to discover awareness as it has always done in the past by the true researchers. Just imagine when we were put in a nobody-can-help place, how could we manage for ourselves to adapt necessary demands? So, take a chance to study at home as a challenge to practice your resolution. Try to figure out it by anything you’ve got until it will be done perfectly. For instance, having available programs in interpretation between English and your native language is one of staple keys to improve your agility. Whenever you want to refer any experts’ advice, they’re always there for using, not take much time for search and operation.

I recommend studying-at-home method as an important factor for building a strong English fundamental. After that, you need to face the reality to check which weak points required to enhance in your perception. Consider English as any subjects you’ve ever get high scored in school days. Others can acquire fluently, why can’t we?

Never mind about minor mistakes in writing, speaking in the early days, the importance is: you can convey your ideas by your own voice, that’s all.

Keep it up daily.

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