Academic writing.

Writing a scientific article is not a simple work because it involves many different areas.

First, it requires us to select words in an accurate and stringent manner. It means using popular phrases to imagine easily is often not accepted when put into writing. The process of choosing appropriate words is very complicated because the writer has to consider their suitability in specific subjects being mentioned. The staple reason that there are some terms only used in certain scientific topics which are beyond the scope of their meaning will reflect different contents; therefore, we fail to convey exact ideas precisely.

The second concern is how to guide the reader moving forward from the known to the unknown in a coherent, comprehensive and amicable approach. The introduction of too much complex information from the beginning is not the way to show the smart or profound understanding of the author. In fact, it is a sign that he is a person who lacks both the highly teaching skill and the connective capability in reality. It is clear that a person can present intricate concepts through easy to grasp and simple cases is an expert of that field.

Finally, it is the ability to convey the scientific observations via the viewpoint and the tone of your own, not someone else’s words, to aim to convince readers. Notably, experts in academic writing give advice that we should affirm our perspectives indirectly and avoid imposing them on others. It will provide the open debates later and strengthen these findings better.

The left question is that can we afford to produce our own statements after consuming numerous documents?

If yes, you’re a scientist.

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